Selected Major Cases:

Murphy Exploration (Alaska) Inc. v. State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, 2012 administrative trial
McArthur served as lead trial counsel defending the State of Alaska in this 2012 administrative case in which Murphy sued to reallocate 6,187,076 barrels of oil from the State to various interest owners. The oil had a market value of over $600 million at the time of trial. The hearing officer and Commissioner of Natural Resources found for the State on all claims. The case is on appeal in the Alaska state court system.
State of Alaska v. Williams (Alaska)
McArthur served as lead trial counsel in this breach of contract action to recover the full royalty price due on take-in-kind oil purchased from the State of Alaska. The case settled in 2009 after discovery, with the State recovering $15.7 million, the bulk of its claims, and paying nothing on counterclaims of over $10 million.
State of Alaska v. ExxonMobil, arbitration
One of two trial counsel in an arbitration that resulted in a unanimous decision for the State of Alaska on the market value of ANS royalty oil shipped from Alaska to the U.S. West Coast. McArthur presented all of the State's evidence and handled part of the cross-examination of Exxon's witnesses. A second arbitration on related issues settled the week of trial.
State of Louisiana v. Chevron U.S.A., Cause No. 93648, in the 17th Judicial District Court, LaFourche Parish, Louisiana
One of the trial counsel defending the State of Louisiana against claims over royalty payment. After the court realigned the State as the true plaintiff, the jury awarded a $111 million verdict for breach of contract and fraud in one of the Top 15 jury verdicts in 2004. Chevron settled after briefs were filed in the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals.
State of Louisiana Oil Royalty and Severance Tax Cases
One of counsel between 2002 and 2005 in various cases against major producers, including the Chevron case described above, that recovered over $200 million for the State of Louisiana.
In re Natural Gas Qui Tam Litigation, MDL Docket No. 1293, in the United States District Court, District of Wyoming
McArthur was one of a team of lawyers handling Qui Tam claims over natural gas pricing and deductions against the largest producers of natural gas on federal property. Relator Gene Wright was approved as relator after extensive summary judgment briefing filed while McArthur was involved in the litigation.
Earl Anzai, Attorney General for the State of Hawaii v. Chevron Corp. et al., Cause No. 98000792-SPK, United States District Court, Hawaii
One of trial counsel for the State of Hawaii in a gasoline price-fixing and market-share antitrust case against all major gasoline retailers in Hawaii. The case settled after summary judgment argument.
ISPtel v. Lucent Technologies, Inc., Cause No. C-01-1390 CW, in the United States District Court, Northern District of California
Lead local counsel for Voice-over-the-Internet company in fraud lawsuit against Lucent Technologies for misrepresentations over its call-switching equipment. Case settled before trial.
Department of the Interior v. Cook Inlet Regional Corporation, an Alaskan regional corporation
Lead counsel in successful negotiation of dispute over values and entitlement under Alaskan Native Claims Settlement Act.
Samson Resources v. BASF, in the United States District Court, Northern District of Oklahoma
Lead trial counsel for BASF in defense of large take-or-pay claim by Tulsa-based Samson Resources; case settled just before trial with no recovery for plaintiff.
El Paso Natural Gas Co. v. TransAmerican Natural Gas Corp., Cause No. 85-09329, in the 127th District Court, Harris County, Texas
One of trial counsel for producer defendant in breach of contract case over definition of payout and take-or-pay claims. McArthur was responsible for presenting the producer's main damage witnesses and cross-examining El Paso's damage witnesses. The jury awarded a $536 million verdict on the take-or-pay claims. The case settled favorably to TransAmerican after briefing and argument in Houston Court of Appeals, with El Paso paying $302 million in cash and returning properties it later valued at $135 million.
Burzynski v. Aetna Life Insurance Co., 967 F.2d 1063, United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit
Lead counsel for defendant in a $100 million case over failure to reimburse novel cancer treatment. Trial court dismissed the case while McArthur was lead counsel, a decision later reversed.
A.E. Investments, Inc. v. Davis Oil Co., Cause No. 85-M-1821, in the United States District Court, District of Colorado
One of trial counsel for plaintiff AE Investments in breach of contract, fraud, and securities fraud case over $180 million investment with Denver oilman Marvin Davis. Case settled after jury selection in 1991.